Saturday, 15 October 2011

Extending RTC/CLM (SDK and Reporting)

I've been thinking about what topic would be most beneficial for users of RTC and CLM in general for upcoming blogs. Two themes seem to be recurring in my interactions with users: plugin extensions and reporting. 

Plugin extensions allow for the creation of process "hooks" so that specific types of operations and actions can be performed. For example, on the saving of a work items information can be sent to another system with some information contained there within. Another example is to specify some behaviour on delivery of the work item into SCM.  All of this is possible and there is an SDK on with instructions on the wiki on how to set up a development environment that allows for the creation of these extensions. One of the ideas I had was to be able to create some functional examples of these extensions.

The other popular topic is reporting. CLM 2011 now includes RRDI (Rational Reporing for Development Intelligence), a powerful reporting engine that allows the creation of reports that combine data across the familly of CLM products (RRC, RQM and RTC).  It is similar to Rational Insight but does not allow the extraction of data from products outside of the CLM family. I can go into more detail in subsequent posts in what situations where you would use RRDI vs. Insight. There is a clear path from RRDI to Insight, so it doesn't hurt to start with RRDI and then when your reporting requirements "outgrow" RRDI then it isn't much a problem to adopt Insight. Things people often ask about with respect to these solutions is how to create a report and in the case of Insight: how to modify the ETLs ,add new data sources, modify the meta data and customize the configurations.

I will hopefully be able to cover both of these topics but for prioritization purposes I have put a vote widget at the bottom of the left column to collect the interest level for these topics. Please vote and let me know!


  1. Did anyone vote on this? Based on the subsequent archive contents, it seems there wasn't any traction. I'd pick the plugin extensions if the topic is still of interest...

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